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Organization Renewal

We´ve taken Organizational Development to a whole new level!

Our research and experience has taught us that successful, sustainable change must be “owned” by the people who are directly affected by it. Often their willingness and ability to embrace their desired change is hampered by a process that fails to acknowledge their need to be heard in a way that helps define the change.

Organizational leaders too, are uncomfortable with giving this kind of “power” to those at lower levels. Yet, their hopes and plans depend heavily upon ‘buy-in”, accountability and access to discretionary efforts by these same people.

Organization Renewal was created to address this common impediment. This proprietary 3Si process has been tested and proven over a variety of interventions since the mid-1980s.

This step-by-step process is grounded in recognized principles of applied behavioral sciences, organizational behavior, adult learning and leading psychological research. We are also steeped in the necessary change and project management tools.

In this process, our team acts as trusted advisors and guides, who are experienced in the journey and are able to anticipate your needs.

Some of the unique benefits of Organization Renewal are found in:

  • The orientation and development of the senior executive team
  • Careful diagnosis and enrollment stages
  • The formation of a commonly held vision and core values
  • Audience-centered communications approach
  • Action items that clearly advance the Vision
  • Training that ensures that each person is equipped with necessary tools for success.
  • Onsite assessment and coaching on a needed basis
  • Accountability that includes everyone in the organization
  • Performance management and compensation that reflect the Vision and Core Values
  • Direct linkage to organizational success metrics
  • Carried out by professionals who are specially trained and selected for fit with the client organization
  • Tools and instruments for continuous improvement and sustainability

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