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Our Services

3Si offers an array of services to meet your needs.

Our Supreme ServiceTM model, the Organization RenewalTM process, the psychometric assessment tools and our results-driven training and Principles of Management Consultancy (POMC)TM are the pillars of our approach and have been validated against the highest global standards. Our clients are driven by:

  • An urgent need for change,
  • A high need for getting “buy-in” and
  • Translating strategic concepts into practical steps for achieving important goals and objectives.

We provide our clients with cost-effective access to world-class resources that are configured to your specific needs in an area that is traditionally difficult to source. Our teams are multi-disciplinary, experienced, committed and accountable to the highest standards of ethics and professional practice. Most importantly; we get results.

Supreme ServiceTM

Our globally recognized Supreme Serviceā„¢ Model is the acknowledged industry standard in service excellence delivery. By examining your corporate structure and operation, we will work with you to redefine your organizational goals which will reignite and energize your teams and allow you to redefine your operational world!

The change most frequently requested by our clients is how to become an organization that consistently meets the Supreme ServiceTM definition. Supreme ServiceTM organizations are high performance teams characterized by a palpable energy and enthusiasm that is satisfying and inspiring for internal and external customers. This discipline and accountability towards Supreme Serviceā„¢ provides a competitive advantage. Learn More

Organizational RenewalTM

Change is dynamic, yet research shows that there are predictable elements in each change initiative or exercise. Organizational RenewalTM is a step-by-step process proven to address how to achieve sustainable, successful change which is owned by the people directly affected by it and is grounded in recognized principles of applied behavioral sciences, organizational behavior, adult learning and leading psychological research, change and project management tools. We believe that change should not drain an organization, but renew and invigorate everyone who is a part of it. Learn More

Management Consulting and Training Services

Our Management Consulting Services include Strategy, Visioning, Executive Development and Coaching, Diagnostic and Assessments.

Click here to go Management Consulting

We also offer in-house and public workshops such as

  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Train the Trainer
  • Facilitator Certification
  • Executive Presentation Skills
  • Competency in Interviewing

Contact us today and let us know how best we can serve you.

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