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SavilleStrong Learning

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Contact Us to learn more about how SavilleStrong Learning can benefit you and your team.

  • Practical Coaching at Work

This is an Institute of Commercial Development (ICM) Certified Coaching Course

This experiential training session will provide your participants with a core understanding of the methods of coaching and provide them with some basic skills that will enable them to practically carry out coaching in the workplace. …Immediately. It is designed to be highly motivational and developmental and includes confidential personal competency assessments and personal coaching opportunities. The use of behavioural/ competency based assessments and development planning tools are an essential part of this course to help quickly embed learning and accelerate self awareness.

  • The Manager as a Coach

Coaching has become a vital tool for anyone that wants to get the best out of their team. This session has been developed to provide your managers with a more strategic and unified approach to creating an effective coaching culture in the workplace.

This Institute of Commercial Development (ICM) Certified Manager Coaching Course focuses on linking wider coaching competencies and goals back to the achievement of sustainable business objectives

The key aim of the course is to ensure the participants, as leaders, drive results by supporting their team members in their learning, enabling them to develop the skills, knowledge and attitude necessary to successfully deliver their job responsibilities and organizational goals. The specific course objectives are customized to your strategic goals, the level of organizational resistance and the identified needs of the learners.

  • Coaching with Psychometrics and NLP

This training course is useful for coaches that would like to add a multi dimensional approach to their coaching sessions and offer coachees advanced developmental solutions. It is not necessary to have a complete knowledge of either diagnostic assessments or NLP to deliver or use the skills provided within this course.

This Institute of Commercial Management Course Certified course will help develop the coach’s skills to use Psychometrics and NLP techniques to target effective behavioural change strategies.


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