ORGANIZATION Renewal: Change with a difference


signalWHEN it is time to make change, most of the people who will be affected by it – know it.  While the need to change is continuous, there are circumstances that signal a need for drastic, immediate change.

Here are some of the symptoms:

  • Basic services and activities are not performed in a timely, accurate or complete manner.
  • Departments within the organisation have conflicting goals.
  • There is much activity, but little in terms of tangible results.
  • Managers complain that employees do not show enough initiative.
  • Employees complain that managers do not appreciate their efforts.
  • Politics and favouritism are perceived to be the basis for getting ahead.
  • Everybody has stories of why things cannot be improved.
  • Employees find the workplace stressful and tardiness, absenteeism, sick leave and turnover are high.
  • Executive decisions are met with cynicism, apathy and second-guessing.
  • Communications are guarded and information is used as a source of power.
  • Everyone has a theory about what is wrong and a pet “solution” for fixing it.

I am sure you can add to this list form your own experiences.  These symptoms constitute “lumps under the rug” that are pervasive and powerful.  They suck away the vitality of its human resources and undermines their willingness and ability to perform.

Customers are not inspired by their contact with such organisations and key stakeholders are reluctant to rely upon them for things of importance.  These “lumps under the rug” must therefore be addressed as a conscious priority at the beginning of any change process.  If not, any other steps will falter and be drawn back into a quicksand of confusion.

Organisational renewal is a process that is designed to energise an organisation and its people as they define and implement change.  The organisational renewal process treats the “lumps under the rug” as a priority so that other elements of change are built upon a solid foundation.

When trust is restored and employees have experienced a substantial improvement in their work environment, creativity and high performance is not far behind.

Next week we will look at the steps towards achieving this outcome.

God Bless.


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